Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Platform 9¾……… All Aboard!

One of my favourite commissions from 2012 was to design a birthday card.  It was for the Mum of one of my very special friends, Charlie (@charliestamper).  Charlie designs and makes things herself so it was pretty important to me that I got this right!

Charlie was planning on taking her Mum to see the Warner Bros Studio Tour of the Harry Potter films in London as a birthday treat.  She called me to ask if I could design and make a special card to mark this occasion.

Harry Potter Card

I must admit I did feel slightly daunted by this prospect.  I was worried that whatever I designed may look far too masculine for a Mum’s birthday card.  I like a challenge and this was going to be one! 

My main aim was to make sure that the card appealed to Val (Charlie’s Mum).  Charlie talks quite a lot about her Mum so I kind of know a little about her taste already, so that was a good start.  Val makes beautiful vintage style cake stands and as you can see here she is a lady of style!

The look that I decided on was mainly inspired by the enchanting, magical feel that is loved by so many Potter fans.  I wanted the card to have a unique feel and to be as interactive and tactile as possible.  That’s when I came up with the idea that it could have removable elements.

Platform 9¾ Ticket

One of Charlie’s main specifications was that she wanted the card to include an image of the famous Platform 9¾ ticket.  I thought it would be good for the ticket to be one that you could actually take from the card and hold in your hand.  This inspired me to include a distressed, origami folded Marauder’s Map.  I really enjoy origami and distressing things so this was something that I really loved doing!  The ticket and the map where placed in a pocket on the front of the card.


The folded map opens out to reveal the witchcraft and wizardry world of Hogwarts School.

Full Map

I then had to chose a colour theme for the card.  A rich chocolate brown and cream seemed to fit in perfectly with the whole look of the card.

I was really starting to love this project! It was becoming one of the most enjoyable commissions that I had been given to date.

Now to add a bit of femininity to the card.  I had a rummage through my ribbon collection and came across a lovely antique style lace and some beautiful chocolate brown organza.  They matched so well and after playing about with the composition a little I found perfect places for them on the card.  It was all starting to come together really well!

Chocolate Brown Organza Ribbon

Finally I decided to add the finishing touch of two antique looking keys.

Antique Style Keys

As you can probably tell I really put my heart into this card. My ultimate goal was reached by putting a smile on Charlie and Val’s face on this special occasion.

Check out Charlie’s lovely designs and makes here at  C.J Magpies & Co. Facebook page. 

If you'd like me to design a special bespoke card please feel free to contact me.