Product & Price List

Keepsake Animals

All of my keepsakes can be made in little girl and boy versions with a choice of a dress, dungarees or overalls for those that are wearing an outfit.

Bunny £36.50    (6-10 items)
42cm tall


 Cat £36.50   (6-10 items)
48cm tall

 Dinosaur £36.50    (5-8 items)
35cm tall

 Dog £36    (6-10 items)
37cm standing, 25cm sitting

Dragon £45    (8-12 items)
46cm long, 28cm tall

Elephant £38.50    (6-10 items)
27cm sitting

Fawn £36    (5 - 8 Items)
33cm tall

Fox £36.50 (6-10 items)
45cm tall

Frog £40    (8-10 items)
55cm tall

Giraffe £36   (6-10 items)
47cm tall

Lion £36.50    (8-10 items)
30cm sitting

Mermaid £38.50   (6-10 items)
42cm tall

Monkey £36.50    (6-10 items)
45cm tall

Owl £36.50    (6-10 items)
30cm tall,24cm wide

Puppy £36.50    (6-10 items)
38cm long

Reindeer  £40    (8-10 items)
38cm tall

Teddy Bear from £40  (8-12items)
40cm Standing, 30cm sitting

Unicorn £38.50 (6 - 12 items)
45cm tall

Badger £40    (8-12 items)

Large Patchwork Christmas Stocking - Approx. 70cm x 46cm
 £30 (one sided)  £40 (double sided)   (10-15 items)
With Name £6 Extra

Cushions and Quilts

Memory Cushion £25    (one adult sized top)

One Sided Patchwork Keepsake Cushion  £35  (6-10 items)
Double Sided Patchwork Keepsake Cushion  £45  (8-12)
40cm x 40cm

Montage Cushion  From £40   (10-20 items)
40cm x40cm or 60cm x 60cm

Crib/Lap Quilt 80cm x 80cm Standard £85  Luxury £95    (10 - 20 items)
Cot Quilt 120cm x 90cm Standard £110  Luxury £120    (20-30 items)

 Standard quilts are made up of larger squares of the same size. Luxury quilts are made up of a mixture of larger squares and smaller squares to add more detail.

Do not use quilts or blankets for babies and children under the age of 18 months of age.  Keep away from fire at all times.

For quilt border and backing fabric colour choices follow this link.

An item is based on the size of one baby grow.  If your items are particularly tiny it is a good idea to enclose a few extras.

Personalisation Prices

Names £3
Name & Date of Birth £6
Name, Date of Birth & Weight £8
Name, Date of Birth, Weight & Time of  Birth £10

If you require personalisation other than the above please feel free to message me for a quotation.

All prices are correct at the time of publishing and are subject to change.  These prices do not include P+P.

 Please note:  All of the memory keepsakes that I make are NOT to be used as toys or to be handled by anybody under the age of 14.  The memory keepsakes do not carry the CE mark required for toys and have not been safety tested.



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