Monday, 25 January 2016

A Keepsake, From Start to Finish...

It's been quite a while since my last real blog post.  I haven't had much spare time lately to actually sit down and write but I thought it was about time that I found that spare time!

One of the main questions that I get asked by my customers is how the process works and how to go about ordering a keepsake so I thought I would put it all into a blog post for you.

The first thing to decide is what type of keepsake you would like your loved one's or child's clothes to be transformed into.  My product list is always growing as my customers ask for different animals and products.  You can find a full up to date list (at the time of publishing) here along with current prices and the number of items needed to make your keepsake.

Once you have chosen the design it's time to choose the clothes that you would like me to use.  The amount of items depends on the keepsake design and the size of the garments.  Generally, I base one item on the size of a 0-3 month baby grow but keepsakes can be made out of most types of clothing.  If the fabric is knitted or too thick it doesn't tend to work well. Also, if the clothes are particularly tiny it is worth including a few extra items.  The more embellishments the better but bear in mind if they are too big they may not fit on the keepsake.

Ambreen's Little Clothes
The next stage is to fill out the order form.  If there are certain items of clothing that you would like to appear more prominent on the keepsake please feel free to make a note of this on the order form.  Also if you have any special delivery information, eg. leave with neighbour etc. add this to the form too.  When you parcel up your clothes, please make sure that they are in waterproof packaging.  I recommend that you use a recorded delivery service.  Please let me know when you have sent your parcel so that I can try to make sure that I am in when they are delivered.  I will let you know as soon as I have received your parcel safely.

Time to start the designing!  For each of the keepsakes that I create I start by sketching the keepsake and plan where each clothing item will work best.  I also start to plan where the embellishments will be placed although this often changes later in the design process.  I then carefully cut each clothing item ready to be made into the pattern pieces.  I then line each piece using interfacing to add to your keepsakes strength and durability.

The Design Sketch
At this stage I do as much of the hand embroidery as possible.  This often is quite a lengthy process as lots of care and patience is needed to get the best result.

Adding The Hand Embroidery
I then prepare any personalisation that is to be added ready to be hand stitched on once the keepsake is constructed.  The constrution is mainly done using my lovely Janome sewing machine (soon to be upgraded to a brand new industrial machine!). 

As I like to stuff my keepsakes firmly I often double stitch seams and they are also sealed with a waterproof fabric glue.  

As I add the stuffing your keepsake starts to almost come to life and show it's true personality!

Ambreen's Kepsake Cat
As soon as I have finished your keepsake I like to take photographs to share with others so that they can see examples of the work that I have done in the past.

When the mini photo shoot is completed I will message you to let you know that your keepsake is ready and ask how you would like make your payment.  I will then send you an invoice.  Once your payment is made your keepsake is carefully packaged up ready to be taken to the courier service.  You should receive an email with all the tracking details.

It's always lovely to see pictures of your keepsakes in situ so feel free to send me them.

If you would like more information and an order form please send me a message along your email address either to or via my Facebook page.


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